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XbZLib: Xbase++ Zip file and compression library

Absolute Software maintains and develops the free, open-source XbZLib add-on library for Xbase++ developers. The following is a list of all versions available for download. Only the newest version is being updated. All zip files include the complete source code as well as compiled LIB/DLL and executable files for different Xbase++ versions, and also include the documentation as source and as compiled CHM files.

Please note that the documentation is not up to date at this time, and doesn't match the actual implementation of XbZLib. We are currently in the process of re-writing and updating the documentation, and a new version will be published, as soon as it is available. Until then, please refer to the development notes in the included source code, specifically the source code for AGPZip, for additional help and clarifications on how to use XbZLib in Xbase++ applications.

Version: Release Date: Notes:
XbZLib Version 2.03.183 January 30, 2015 Added option to set Base Directory and some fixes.
XbZLib Version 2.02.173 April 23, 2013 Added manipulation of Directory Date/Time Stamps.
XbZLib Version 2.01.151 February 7, 2010 Updates to display options and some fixes.
XbZLib Version 2.00.146 October 27, 2009 Added OT4XB for (un)compressing of large files as streams.
XbZLib Version 1.40.103 August 12, 2008 Added AGPZip.exe and XbZLog and updated various features.
XbZLib Version 1.30.077 April 25, 2005 Added WildCard options and renamed several Methods.
XbZLib Version 1.20.074 March 7, 2005 Added header file.


Xbase++ Error Codes

We also maintain a group of text files that list the (mostly unpublished) Xbase++ SubSystem and General Error Codes with Error Descriptions, Xbase Module Names, and related information. These lists have been proven to be very useful for Xbase++ developers and include information about possible reasons for some of the errors and their relations to each other.

Zip File Name Last Updated: Contents:
Xbase++ Error Codes May 30, 2018 Inlcudes: Gen_Codes.txt, Sub_Codes.txt, Modules.txt, and OS_Error.txt

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