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Our Services

Absolute Software provides Custom Software Development, Data Conversions, Xbase++ Developer Support and Training, as well as DDP/EJS OnSite application Support and other services for businesses, government agencies, and software developers. Please contact us for details on availability and pricing.

Custom Software Development

Absolute Software designs and develops custom software for businesses and government customers. We are experienced in developing console, GUI, Web, and service applications. We analyse existing systems, processes, and data, then design the required databases, interfaces, and business logic accordingly. The results are effective and efficient applications that improve productivity and can be adapted to user's unique requirements and preferences.

We also provide software installations, data conversions, updates, user training, and customer support for our applications.

Data Conversions

Absolute Software has more than 20 years experience in converting data from various law enforcement records management software products to different formats, with exceptional consistency and accuracy.

Some of the various RMS, JMS, and CAD products that we have converted or interfaced with include: DDP/EJS OnSite, InterAct Online and CrimeCog/InterAct Enterprise, Sunguard HTE and Sunguard OSSI, Tyler NewWorld AS400/DB2 and Tyler NewWorld Windows, Core TIMS, Motorola ARMS/SRMS, Denali, eCase, PEFS, ALES, Clues, LABTUD, Crime Tracker, PIMARS, JAMIN, LiveScan, as well as many one-off, homegrown applications like TEP, Access databases, and even Word, Word Perfect, or PDF documents.

Customers include more than 200 law enforcement agencies in Michigan — Police Departments, Sheriff Offices, and (University, College, and Tribal) Public Safety Departments — as well as the FBI, the Indiana State Police, the Oconee County Sheriff, GA, Rutgers University, NJ, and the Maryland Transit Administration.

Xbase++ Developer Support and Training

As an expert in the Xbase++ programming language and in database development, Absolute Software can also provide help to other developers with converting their applications written in Clipper, xHarbour, FoxPro, VFP, and other programming languages to the Xbase++ development platform.

We can help with and support — or take over and complete — existing Xbase++ projects or help with getting stalled projects back on track. We also offer Xbase++ training in such areas as GUI (Graphical User Interface), OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), Event-driven, and Multi-Threading development concepts, Internet and Web technologies, Active‑X/COM components, database design, SQL, HTML, CSS, XML,and much more.

DDP/EJS OnSite Support

Drawing on our extensive background in serving law enforcement agencies using the DDP/EJS OnSite RMS, Absolute Software continues to offer support for users of the DDP/EJS OnSite RMS application.

We can help with MICR reporting issues, MICR data submissions, training, setup and configuration questions, installations, data corruptions, and other problems.

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